Sycamore Whispers



    A powerful, classically written novella

    by Shane Ledyard.

    "An intriguing, uplifting story for the preteen through YA reader."

  • The Teaser

    Sweet Emma Sterling is living a storybook life filled with horses, friends, and her loving parents Julia and Chase. Suddenly her life takes a dramatic turn when her father returns home one day acting like someone she has never even met. Emma's innocence and her family's future is threatened as Julia tries desperately to save them from a viscous emotional struggle that is destroying their lives. Can a rogue horse and a mother's faith help them overcome, or will the Sterling family be lost forever?



    In his first release since the acclaimed Horse Gone Silent, Ledyard has written a powerful, coming of age story where faith and nature play their mysterious roles perfectly in a young girl’s struggle to overcome adversity. Horse and animal lovers, be ready to have your heart captured. You will love Sycamore Whispers!


    "Ledyard writes of the delicate dance between despair, and joy--love and disappointment, and he does it like a master."

    Robin Landry, Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer


    "Beautifully written, this book is an excellent choice for any young reader."

    David Cook, Lucid Wisdom



  • Excerpts

    People dominate the story line, but the horses are free to talk among themselves again

    in Ledyard's follow up to his acclaimed Horse Gone Silent.

    Julia and Chase...

    She nearly lost her grip as she used her back to push her way through the screen door that Emma had burst joyfully through earlier in the day, sending the birds in a flurry out towards the willow tree. Gaining her composure to look Chase in the eye, she sat down in her chair, but found him gazing across the street at the old run-down farmhouse that looked as though it should be full of ghosts.

    Doc to Ophelia...

    “Listen to the trees around us, Ophelia. Even as a storm is coming, the leaves of the sycamores seem to have a song. I think they may even be whispering something that we need to know. Everything, if we pay close enough attention, has a purpose."

    Chase to "Emma-Girl"...

    Chase looked away from her and put his truck in drive. The turkey vultures had landed, seven in total, jockeying for position around the young deer that lay motionless in the field. One of the vultures glanced up from his meal as the truck started back down the driveway. It stared directly at Chase as he drove by, giving him an uneasy feeling. He wondered why such a thing would have bothered him at all, but the image of the bird staring at him while standing over the lifeless fawn lingered in his mind.

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